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At St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing family atmosphere, where our children are given opportunities to grow as a whole person. Believing in the dignity and unique nature of everyone, we endeavour to provide each child with the knowledge and skills to confidently work towards their full potential. We value all talents and successes, whether personal or academic. By celebrating achievement together, we hope to raise each individual’s sense of worth and therefore self-esteem and confidence. With this as the basis of all we do, the provision we offer takes account of every aspect of a child’s development. The curriculum gives children the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards of numeracy and literacy whilst ensuring they can become confident in physical, artistic, practical and social skills. We provide a broad and balanced education allowing for the individual needs of each child to be met within well-planned learning experiences.

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Responses to July Survey

Thank you to all the parents/carers who took the time to complete the re-opening survey and here are the queries you raised (in italics) along with our responses to them (in bold). If you have any further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Encourage the kids to have wearable hand sanitizers so they can gel quicker in and out of school and throughout the day. I am very concerned the car park will be even worse as people will block others in by parking down the middle thus affecting the start times for others. This needs to be supervised I’m sad to say or put cones out to stop too many going on the grass. Adults should wear masks in the school grounds during drop off/collection as they will congregate and talk in groups so I feel we need to protect the children who rely on grandparents to collect them. Masks actually discourage talking. Just an idea but not sure it will be popular but it’s for the greater good."


Yes we encourage the use of hand sanitizers from a safety point of view.

We know the majority of our parents/carers park responsibly and safely and we have tried many different ways to reduce congestion in the car park but cones have been moved and sapling trees parked upon so we welcome any further suggestions you may have. An excellent suggestion regarding adults who drop off/pick up to wear face masks and we will add this to our risk assessment and re-opening plan.


"It would help to have a proposed date for when breakfast club will be reopening as there is no wraparound care registered with Knowsley Council who do drop off and pick-ups from the school. In another school I know off they are reopening with breakfast and afterschool club where the children are kept in year bubbles while in breakfast and after school club. Is this something that could be considered?"


As stated in our final school letter we are hopeful to have an After School Club service from the 14th September and Breakfast Club will follow shortly thereafter. We realise this is an important issue for some families and we are looking to find some solutions which limit cross contamination of staff between bubbles of children. The difficulties are in providing child care for different bubbles as this impacts upon the level of staff available.


"I know you’re unable to offer breakfast club at the moment but I do feel it would be beneficial to all if you were to have an earlier start time as I feel that having multiple classes with the same drop off time slots will defeat the object of not mixing pods/bubbles. Especially when there will be parents/children queuing to enter the gates to avoid the playgrounds."


Yes we did consider various scenarios for drop off and pick up however the more staggered they were had a bigger impact upon certain classes, meaning some were being dropped at 9:30am which is why we decided to bubble two year groups. We are also making use of different doors/gates for entering school so maximising the time we have.


"We miss the interaction with the teachers telling us what the children have done that day. Maybe we could have some sort of online blog where we can tell the teachers of anything we need to in the morning and they can tell us about the day at the end?"


This is a very useful point and we will endeavour to address this through ‘Tapestry’ and ‘See-saw’; teachers will put regular updates informing you about achievements and notices within class.  Messages can be passed to teachers via members of staff on the gate or by phoning the school office.


"Yes I think it would be a good idea to take every child’s temperature as they enter the door before they go to class .that way if its high they can be sent right home before they pass anything on to the whole class. COVID 19."


We do have several thermometers in school including a non-contact infrared thermometer which we will use if there is a need however guidance suggests, ‘Public Health England is clear that routinely taking the temperature of pupils is not recommended as this is an unreliable method for identifying coronavirus (COVID-19).’


"I think you’re doing the best you can, given the poor guidance from the government. I’m a little disappointed my child won’t be back until later in September given that they were in Nursery full time and have missed school a lot."


Thank you so much. As you can see from the ‘New Starts’ pack the one of the main reasons why we slightly stagger Reception starts is in order to make the first days a really positive start for our children, settling them in to new routines and giving each new group and individual child maximum time bonding with their new teachers.


"No I fully trust the staff at St. Andrews with the care of my children and I now they will do absolutely everything they can to enable the safest transition for the children."


Thank you this feedback is much appreciated in these unprecedented times.


"Temperature must be checked as there entering the school every morning, PE kit to be sent home every time it’s worn."


Guidance suggestsPublic Health England is clear that routinely taking the temperature of pupils is not recommended as this is an unreliable method for identifying coronavirus (COVID-19).’  Part of our risk assessment states that on their allocated PE day children will arrive in their school PE kits and they will wear them all day to limit contamination. We will start this from the second week.


"I think the plans to reopen in September are good, hopefully everything goes smoothly for all staff and pupils."


Thank you – keeping discussions open between school and parent/carers will enable a smooth transition for all our children during these changed times.


"Wrap around care would be really beneficial if this could be offered. Thank you for all your hard work."


We totally agree and as soon as it is safe and manageable to do so we will. 


"What about your vulnerable children there's no mention of how you’re going to keep them safe?"


Each of our vulnerable children have very different needs and we have assessed these on an individual basis. We have kept communications with these parents/carers and always welcome their suggestions. We are following Government guidance on all children’s safe return.


"We will comply with whatever school feels best for the children in their care."


Thank you and we will endeavour to keep you updated when guidance and therefore our routines change.


"Can we drop off and pick up both children at the same time/gate?"


Yes and we have suggested the same start time in our final letter of the Summer term. We ask any parents/careers to speak to us individually if they have any concerns or difficulties with the drop off and collection arrangements.  


"No I think you are doing an amazing job in uncertain times."


Thank you so much.


"Breakfast club is key to many working families."


We completely agree and that is why we have set a provisional start date for after school club to give us all something to aim for. Unfortunately, our breakfast club staff have roles within class and we are trying  to minimise cross-contamination between Bubbles/ Pods.


J. Cunningham

Head teacher

J. Webster

Deputy Head teacher

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Re-cycled uniform scheme

Calling all parents and carers with children at Halewood Primary Schools and Halewood Academy Do you have items of outgrown school uniform in good condition which you would be prepared to donate to others?  And/Or  Do you need any items of school uniform for local schools? We will be operating a reuse and recycle scheme for the following school uniform items: Primary Schools- Halewood C of E; Holy Family; Plantation; St Andrew’s; St Mark’s; Yew Tree.                                                       
  • Sweat shirts, jumpers, cardigans
  • PE kit
  • Bags
  • Ties
  • Girls’ summer dresses
All with current logos, as appropriate, for the relevant school Halewood Academy
  • Blazers
  • Girls’ tartan skirts
  • School ties
  • Black Halewood PE polo shirts
Items may be dropped off at the Arncliffe Sports and Community Centre between 9.30-2.30 from Monday 20 July to Tuesday 28 July (Saturday 11-2pm) Please wash and iron all items. Further details about collection will follow shortly but this will be after 4 August to allow for Covid quarantine requirements for clothing items. All items will be provided in sealed bags Updates will be posted on our Facebook page You can also message the Facebook page to request specific items. Please provide details of items, child/children’s age(s) and school(s) .  Whilst we will do our best we cannot guarantee that the items you request will be available.  This scheme is open to anyone with children at Halewood Schools so do please make use of it It is FREE of charge so you will be saving money and helping to save the environment.      

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