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You have to know the past to understand the present


At St. Andrew the Apostle we are all historians! Our intent is to ignite a passion for History; to equip our children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become the next generation of explorers! We encourage our children to be curious and excited about Britain’s past and that of the wider world, having a good understanding of History can also help to shape their future. We aim to deliver a high-quality History curriculum encompassing topics which aim to foster awe and wonder, driving our children to ask questions linked to the area in which they are studying. Through our teaching of history, we aim to provide our children with the ability to ask perceptive questions, reflect critically, challenge viewpoints and develop their own judgments based on historical evidence.


At St. Andrews we use a topic-based approach to develop historical skills and to encourage children to work as historians. Our aims are to fulfil the National Curriculum for History in an active and creative way whilst encompassing British Values, exploring historical concepts and developing key skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to introduce key knowledge and skills, concepts and significant individuals to our children in Key Stage 1 before building on this in Key Stage 2.

Throughout the curriculum, knowledge is built on and developed from History and the wider world, Ancient Civilisations and how significant figures have shaped the world we live in.

Here are some helpful links that you can access from home for free!

BBC History – a wealth of information, pictures and videos with links to a host of interesting time periods.


The Impact of our History curriculum is measured using a range of different strategies such as: data produce by on-going teacher assessments, monitoring of History books, lesson Observations, learning walks and pupil voice.

The ultimate impact of our History Curriculum is to ensure that our children leave Key stage 2 as curious, enthusiastic historians equipped with the skills and knowledge they need for the Key Stage 3 curriculum and for life in the wider world.



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