The purpose of our intent is for all pupils to leave St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School to as successful, confident, resilient, independent learners who are creative, critical thinkers, able to make decisions. We believe childhood should be a happy, carefree time of life where curiosity drives the desire to learn. 

We will implement this intent by delivering a rich, relevant National Curriculum, from Nursery to Year 6, which introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said and helps engender in them an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.  The foundation for this will be high quality teaching of the basic skills in English and Maths with a strong focus on vocabulary and oracy capability across all subjects. Pupils will be immersed in stories and learn to read fluently, they will know their times tables and number bonds. Enhanced learning experiences instilling knowledge, concepts and values will be provided, including investigative, real life, practical activities, engaging and enthusing their minds whilst enabling them to experience success. We will strive for all to have a sense of belonging and realisation of their own unique and distinctive talents. Our ethos is rooted in both Gospel values and personal virtues which permeate through our curriculum: love, kindness, friendship, courage, equality, responsibility, respect and integrity. Each class will explore and exemplify the the links between the values and virtues, the curriculum and the wider life of the school. By embracing the Power of Reading cross-curricular links will be made to strengthen and reinforce key knowledge and concepts.   

The impact of this implementation will result in our pupils becoming successful, educated citizens understanding their role in the wider world and being equipped to accept the challenges of the next stage in their lives; with no limits to their success and a healthy sense of self-worth.   

 If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact the school office for an appointment to see Mrs Webster.

The phonics scheme we use throughout the infant department is Read, Write, Inc.

The Reading Scheme that we use is a coloured book banded system, which is primarily taken from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.

Our Curriculum is currently under review and therefore in a transition stage.

When accessing the curriculum you will see a mixture of our revised as well as existing curriculum. Watch this space!

Progression of Skills