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Extra Curricular

Children’s University at St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School

How can my child achieve credits towards an award?

Attending school clubs is the most popular way of collecting credits. Every session is worth one hour/credit. I collate all these sessions and adds them to an excel document which decides which award they receive. Credits can be achieved during Year 2 however awards can only be awarded from Year 3.

In addition to this some clubs from outside school can award hours too. These clubs must be affiliated with the children’s university and have a badge to display at the venue. As a parent/carer you need to record the hours that your child attends the club on a record sheet (provided by school). Please note that each club can only add 25 hours.

Clubs at our school

We provide a wide variety of clubs that our childrens can attend. These include: football, running, multi-sports, film, computer, art and choir.

Due to the large amount of clubs we offer some clubs may take place on the same day and children will have to choose which one they want to go to. A full timetable can be found on the website and this is carefully planned out to avoid as much as possible any clashes. The vast majority of our childrens have access to at least 30 hours of clubs a year.

What awards can my child receive?

Children’s University awards children bronze, silver and gold in different categories of accreditation.

  • 30 hours bronze award
  • 65 hours silver award
  • 100 hours gold award
  • 130 hours bronze certificate
  • 165 hours silver certificate
  • 200 hours gold certificate

Only one award can be awarded per year.

In our experience, most children, parents and carers like to achieve their bronze, silver and gold awards during Years 3-5. Then in the last year we add as many hours as possible on to achieve the highest award possible.

Collecting the data

Shortly after Easter you will receive a text message/letter to tell you whether your child has achieved an award. If they have not you will be asked to add any additional hours from outside clubs. These clubs will be checked with Children’s University and any more hours will be granted and records updated. Please note that final decisions are made by Children’s University.

Please remember that if your child does not achieve the award their hours will be carried over to the following year. This makes it much easier to achieve the award in the next year.

As in all we do, we aim to provide opportunities for our childrens to succeed. We appreciate all your support and we welcome any questions or queries so please feel free to come and discuss any issues.

Mr Russell

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